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Spam spam spam spam

So, theferrett is doing his spam stats thing. I thought I'd try putting something together and see what I could see. The first bit is stats from our server overall; it rejects a variety of malformed things, viruses and anything that vanilla spamassassin assigns a spam score over 10. The second bit is my personal email.

"rejected RCPT"934890773
"rejected after DATA"532471507
"rejected connection"434380353
"unexpected disconnection"542482402
Total Spam/Rejected244222232035
Percent spam/rejected56.7%57.9%58.9%

My personal email:
Not spam:414527
Percent spam:74.2%72.0%78.7%

So even with the server filtering out 50+% of what comes in, note that about 75% of what ends up in my mailbox is still spam.

Or, to do a little math...yesterday, something like 309 messages came in addressed to me (server said 58.9% spam, 127 messages got through). Of those, 27 were ones I would consider not spam, so my email yesterday was about 8.7% nonspam and 91.3% spam.

Admittedly, I've had my pobox.com address for a very long time, and the majority of my spam comes in on that address -- it's been harvested many many times, since I used it on Usenet long ago and so forth. Still, impressive numbers... On the bright side, spamassassin with bayesian training manages to catch most of those; I see about one spam in my inbox a week, maybe, and a similar number of false positives (usually for mailing lists that are very spam-like but that I happen to have opted into).

Current Mood: impressedimpressed
I have smiliar issues...

...fortunately, mine just got a *hell* of a lot better.

Since 12/19, which is when I dropped the new motherboard into my PC and had to reimage Windows XP, I've had about 6 pieces of spam hit my mailbox. This in in addition to the 88 pieces that McAfee Spamkiller stopped cold, and in *addition* to the approximately 30-80 a *day* I was getting that was being stopped cold by comcast.net's spam filtering. SpamKiller, the middle step, says my spam count is about 68%, so I seem to be batting a little better than you are.

*However*. :)

Since *New Year's*, comcast.net stopped forwarding e-mail from my old AT&T broadband account, which comcast took over like a year or 2 ago. Since that day, my spam has dropped...like 90-95%. It's *amazing*. I can't believe how many spams were generated by beign harvested off my @attbi.com e-mail address. There are even some days I don't see ANY spam now!! Squeeeeeee! =^D