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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

I am sovereign.

I offer you sovereignty because I too am tired of not being accepted for all the things I am.

I love the way this looks at the complete failure of the assumption that it's all binary, that sex and gender are all binary, and the fact that that assumption just fails to cover some cases.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

I love that essay. I've told, like, three people to read it just this week. :)

This is a great essay. Thanks, Ys.

OTOH, I've not thought it problematic to be considered bisexual. Even though gender is not binary, people tend to think of it that way. In doing so, people should also conclude that bisexuals are capable of loving anyone. That is, bisexuals are fully inclusive. And that's what I am.

Oh, I certainly generally call myself bisexual.

I just like the essay's pointing out that it's not really that simple.


I was browsing around looking for some new people in Colorado to read and interface with and I ran across your journal. Eclectic, in-depth and intelligent...plus lots of cute anime pics...I had to add you. :) Hope that's ok, and feel free to add me back or not as you like -- just wanted to drop a note that I was here and not lurk constantly. Take care!

Re: Hello

Added you back. Enjoy!

yay, I will! ^_^