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Ys [userpic]
Almost certainly TMI

I am so very dehydrated, clearly.

I peed in the shower this morning.

It was amber colored.

Like, dark amber.

Current Mood: sillysilly


Yes, a bit TMI - but I'm with [name deleted to protect the innocent guilty] - DRINK SOMETHING! Even if you drank something when you got her message, DRINK MORE NOW!!

Yes, drink more water and then take a b-complex vitamin so your pee will turn BRIGHT NEON YELLOW.

It's like sunshine in the toilet!

Y'know... it's not the message itself I find disturbing; it's that message juxtaposed with a picture of teary Choo-Choo Bear. =P

It was the only icon that really worked. *grin*

I considered the surprised Utena instead, but frankly, it wasn't that surprising...

yeah...TMI but haven't we all been there before?

With it being dark amber, you may be getting the onslaught of a urinary tract infection and might want to get some cranberry juice 100% if you can find it in you along with the water babe.

10 yard penalty for oversharing :)

Have another drink. I'll join you! Monday night I had pains in my back that, I was told, was probably kidney related.

That could be a more serious problem.. When you have a liver blockage you get dark urine, which stays dark even when you drink a lot of water. I got that right before the gallstone passed - when it was blocking things up (back when I was in the hospital and they thought it was pneumonia, but it wasn't!). As soon as it passed, my urine turned light yellow-clear again!

If it doesn't resolve in a day or two, get a check up and maybe have them test for protein in the urine.