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Ys [userpic]
Go read this.

No, really. Go read this.


Her words sounded so simple, but the threat they implied was so cruel that I realized for the first time that maybe "size 6" is a more violent restriction imposed on women than is the Muslim veil.

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"Size 4 and 6 are the norm," she went on, encouraged by my bewildered look. "Deviant sizes such as the one you need can be bought in special stores."

That's funny, I thought THOSE were the sizes that had to be purchased at "special stores". ie the store once known as "5-7-9" and then some other store that sold sizes down to ZERO.

That salesdrone needs to be fed a few sandwiches.

Harsh, but true. Without changing measurements or shape for about a decade, I've gone up six, count 'em, SIX, sizes.

Wow. That just makes me feel . . . angry. And sad. And both really, really proud of myself for losing 70 pounds I needed to lose for my health, and also afraid of how much pressure I feel to lose the next 20 just for looks.

Nobody buys size 6, though. That's why it is always available in the closeout section.