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Ys [userpic]

Just got back from seeing The Incredibles.

This movie ROCKED my world.

I hardly ever go to see movies in theatres, and almost never twice.

I'm thinkin' I may go see it again this week.

Best use of elastic powers EVAR: the doors scene...but the boat thing is a close second.

I hurt from laughing.

Current Mood: impressedblown the fuck away

I just remember thinking that she must have had the. easiest. delivery. ever. "Three kids? NO PROBLEM! Hell, THREE AT ONCE, why not?"

That's funny. I thought the same thing at some point in the movie. :)

Also, think about how she got those kids. Talk about flexibility... ;)

What about the parachute? :D

Very cool? But not nearly as good as the door scene.

Table scene!

It was a fabulous movie --

we went and saw it a couple of weeks ago. And I agree, it's got the two-time potential. My personal favorite moment was when they were driving and arguing about the best way to get somewhere -- super or not, we all like to be in control a little. What are your all-time favorite movies?

Saw it this weekend. It was hysterical :)

Wasn't it great! I already have,/i> seen it twice.

I think Edna Mole is my favorite character - I just loved her.

I've seen it, too. That movie was -great-. When the two kids bowled over the two parents was funny as heck.

that's a great movie! yeah!