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Ys [userpic]

Okay, so, I have at least a few POC that read me, so I have a question. I pondered posting this to debunkingwhite but I'm not sure I want to open those floodgates.

I laughed my ass off at today's Real Life, particularly with the little bit of backstory added (at the bottom of the strip).

Should I feel guilty about that? *grin*

P.S. I think I would have found it as funny had it been aimed at a minority group of which I am a member, so I don't feel too bad, but it also made me curious.

P.P.S. I'm being somewhat flip about this, but really, if you think I should be smacked for it, please do actually smack me. Just explain why, please!

Current Mood: amusedlaughing

So, we have mysterious tanks rolling around in LA, and a fighter jet strafes a school in New Jersey. It sounds like some people are getting a little too real with GTA:SA lately....

(Current music: Dr. Dre, "Deep Cover" earworm that won't stop.)
(...cause it's 1.8.7 on an undercover cop. AAAAUGH! MAKE IT GO AWAY!)

*smacks you*

*does not explain why*

That's completely different!


i don't think it's aimed at african-americans, i think it's aimed at white people who try to co-opt their culture.

it's like sarah silverman (jewish comedian) said once, "it's not a racist joke, it's a joke aimed at racism". which doesn't apply to that strip at all, but you get the point.