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Ys [userpic]
I hadn't heard it put quite this succinctly before.

keith_m043 said:

Christian fundamentalists don't have to have gay children.

And they certainly don't want to be known as having gay children, they'd be stigmatized in their church groups. Therefore any acknowledgement of the legitimacy of gay relationships is something that they will try to stamp out because that information may cause their gay children to be less diligent in trying not to be gay and failing that have less incentive for staying in the closet. While I certainly don't agree with them, I think their position is not "sick", but pretty straightforward, and I'm pretty sure that running around screaming names like "sick" doesn't win anyone to your point of view that didn't already agree with you.

I also hadn't thought about the 'gay children staying in the closet so I am not stigmatized' really being a factor, but I think that may be dead on.

A sad statement about people's selfishness. but that's nothing new.

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Believe me.. it's a factor. ..and it works.

what they don't realise is that some people are born that way. It's not a fault or a defect, but rather a fact.

Playing devil's advocate, I don't think it's purely selfishness - consider that they also don't want their kids to be stigmatised. Most people honestly believe that what they're doing to their kids is the absolute best thing for them, in order to live healthy, productive lives.

I think the main reasons any parent does anything to their children are (a) they mean well and (b) they don't know any better. Often at the same time.

IMO it's not so much selfishness. It's fear.

Really I think it's ALL fear.

Not surprised here. After all, when I got caught doing criminal things as a kid, my mother's response wasn't to make sure that I understood the difference between my property and other people's property or to try to understand what was going on to make me do this. It was to go off about how she couldn't believe I had embarrassed her so. Didn't I care what people would think of her?

But that's really crossing over into a different post.

Well, speaking only from my own experience in an Irish Catholic family I'd have to go with a combination of fear, humiliation, stupidity, and out and out psychosis.

It wasn't so much that I was beaten, or that I was chastised, or referred to commonly as a filthy animal, It wasn't even that I was also publicly ridiculed by my own family and even forced to endure beatings and psychological abuse at the hands of family friends and co-workers, it wasn't even my father's two attempts on my life.

What really convinced me that this sort of behavior was so far beyond simple insanity was that day when I was a twenty-something and found out how many more people there were who had it even worse as children.

People can think whatever they like, but my personal opinion on the matter is that there is little straightforward or reasonable in the actions of a Christian's view of how to deal with LGBT children. Nor do I believe that any of them have the child's best interests in mind. I believe the only interests they serve is their own, and that's the best of them. What motivates the worst of them is something I don't like to think about too much.

Who wants to fail god?

Hi, I found you via scifigal and just wanted to add to this -- I think they do want their children to stay closeted, because then they haven't failed god. Think about it, most of the religions with strong issues about this are proselyting religions. How can you preach conversion to the word if your own children won't follow you? And they can't follow if they are living it up in the gay lifestyle ... or at least, that's the theory.

PS. Do you mind if I friend you? I've enjoyed your posts.

Re: Who wants to fail god?

Oops -- it was kobold that lead me to you ...

Re: Who wants to fail god?

By all means. (I'm one of those who doesn't assume that permission is really needed to friend someone...)