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Ys [userpic]
Hysterical RP

So, over on Twisted Kingdoms I have several alts.

I just created Lamya, who is a Disney Princess. Her player info, to give you an idea:

Princess Lamya was raised a sheltered girl inside palace walls. She has a keen sense of responsibility, of duty to her country, but she also yearns for love. Fascinated with the world, she read voraciously, her parents acquiring books from far and wide for her. Unfortunately for her, while the books gave her a lot, they also failed to give her a real understanding of real people.

She has lofty goals and ideals, and is quite certain that she will one day eliminate poverty and disease.

She ended up here because an evil sorceror tried to banish her to the depths of Hell with magic. Her hasty shield kept the spell from working the way the sorceror expected...instead, it tossed her into the Mists. She desperately wants to return to her kingdom, and is sure that with her loss, the sorceror has ursurped the throne.

OOC Information:
Lamya is a genuine Disney Princess. Where she's from, things are somewhat different than they are anywhere else. When RPing with her, you may want to keep Disney Movie Mentality in mind.

Also...Disney Princess movies are musicals. Lamya is used to people bursting into song around her, and she sings herself. When appropriate, people should burst into song around her -- even better, coordinated song with harmony and people singing backup! Again, think Disney Movies...or the Buffy Musical.

Be aware that you don't have to sing. It's just that it's somehow very natural to sing around her. If your character really would not be okay with singing, it's easy enough to ignore. Note also that everyone in Disney musicals sings at least passibly, so even if your character normally can't sing at all, you can assume that your part somehow works with your voice anyway.

This evening, she was introduced to the place.

My sides still hurt from laughing so hard.


i just made a new character. Vivian if you are interested.


My main character there is the Debs.

But I have a few others. *grin*

Bug me next time you're on. You'd like the Debs.