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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

I don't have a lot to say.

A friend of mine said this:

For four years — maybe longer, to a degree, but for four years in very particular — I've been afraid of my government. After watching the poll counts come in last night, I am now afraid of my country.

I think this pretty much sums it up.

It's not about the crap, the politics. It's not just about who (may have) won the presidency.

It's that an election this close when the electorate is this polarized is a bad sign.

It's that we went 0-11 on gay marriage amendments. 8 of which ban civil unions.

It's the reminder that there really are that many people out there who are so convinced that my very existance is anathema that they're willing to vote for vile stuff like that.

These are people I work with. Ride the train with.

I completely understand the desire to leave the country. I'm not convinced there's really anyplace better to go, and on top of that I have zero confidence that I'm employable. (I don't think I'm terribly employable here in the U.S. either, mind you -- the market for my skillset is now very small and generally requires also having other skills that I don't have.) So I'm not convinced that leaving right now wouldn't mean that I need to resign myself to being a housewife for at least a while, and that doesn't really appeal to me either.

And I'd like to stay and fight, but looking at things like the gay marriage amendments makes it clear that even the "other" side doesn't really want folks like me around. Kerry winning by a narrow margin wouldn't change this feeling one whit.

My misanthropy rages high, today.

Current Mood: sadsad

Mine rages high all the time. It's just higher today. I'm wearing black to my therapist appointment today, and if she asks why, I'll say it's because I'M IN MOURNING FOR MY COUNTRY.

I'd wear black every day for the next four years, but then everybody would think I'm a goth, and I don't really care for that sort of music.

Excuse me now while I go pull out my hair and shriek.


Companies which have a contract with the state of California must offer insurance to significant others.


It's not the American people's fault that the Dems ran a candidate who couldn't even beat a chimp. Or that he was actually identical to said chimp except that he despises gays slightly less and wants to commit a few less war crimes in Iraq. Or that the Dems went out of their way to smear and abuse Ralph Nader, who dared propose policies which *were* significantly different.

If people voted on "cultural" issues, it's because the Dems were far too much in the pocket of big business to push policies which might have actually motivated ordinary people - not just Kerry's beloved "middle class" - to come out and vote.

The lesson here is that you can't win by trying to be "the other guy - lite".

Re: Misanthropy?

Hon, I'm not sure who you're aiming at, but it's not me.

I said it wasn't about Bush or Kerry.

My feeling has very little to do with the presidental results. (Though the implicit confirmation that, what, fifty-eight million people who reside in the same country I do like the idea of a theocracy is frustrating.)

There are a couple conservative Senators that got elected (I forget in which states) who want to create laws banning gays/lesbians and unwed mothers from teaching in public schools.

You are right: it's not the politics insomuch as the attitudes, and the fact that these atttitudes are supported whole-heartedly by people you see each day - in the work place, on the subway, etc. This is unbelieveable.

Bush said "America has spoken."

I guess so. And I'm afraid of my country, too.

*hugs you*

Bush said "America has spoken."

Sadly, he's right. America has spoken, and is has said that we are not welcome here.

It's the reminder that there really are that many people out there who are so convinced that my very existance is anathema that they're willing to vote for vile stuff like that.
People fear what is not normal to them. And fear won this election.

Big Hugs to you!!! The anti-gay marriage amendment votes are very very upsetting. But I want to remind you that not everyone feels this way. No, not everyone.