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Ys [userpic]
Curiosity killed the...well, you know the rest.

So, let's say that quick snapshots of you showed up somewhere on the web, with people making fun of them, calling you names. Purely hypothetical, of course.

Now, they aren't great snapshots. It's not like you look at 'em and think they show you at your best. And you have no reason to have any respect for the people calling you names; if anything, you are inclined to dismiss them as purile and/or juvenile for a variety of good reasons.

Given all that...how do you feel about it? Does it bug you? Amuse you?

And what do you do about it?

P.S. Clearly I need to go thank these idiots. They've given me a bunch of entertainment...

P.P.S. Nah.

Current Mood: curiouscurious

I'm afraid it would bug me. I think your reaction is much healthier, though. ^_^

It can be annoying but also amusing. It is human nature to have an emotional response of some kind. Yet, when you think about it, people like that must have pretty low self esteem if they must always resort to what they see as "schadenfreude" in order to make themselves feel better.

It's all in our perceptions in how we want to view others and the world. It is inevitable that people will dislike you, though. So when they do, the best way to feel is good about it. It means that you're taking up time in their daily lives and they are consciously choosing to obsess over you.

They may make fun of you, but they still must like you a lot in some manner if they're spending their time on critiquing you.

The only thing I have to say to them is, "Haha, you lose in the game of Life."

This is the second time somebody on my flist has gotten ljdrama.org throwing up in their laps.

It bothers me that the site's administrator is capable of furthering such an agenda amongst strangers. See, I am acquainted with the site's admin- she's honestly a fairly likeable person, in person. But ljdrama seems like a perfect illustration of a Penny Arcade cartoon on Gabe's theory of assholeism online. To paraphrase:

(normal person) + (audience) + (anonymity) = (drooling fucktarded shitstain)

What did ljdrama.org do this time?

Oh- is that not how your idiots got here to blather on about your photos recently? I'd thought you'd pinned down a reasoning for why they were here.
I didn't see any mention of you on the front page or so of links.

Nope. I found the forum they came from by looking at my referrer logs.

Bop back an entry or so and there are links...

I had no idea ljdrama.org existed. Yuck, what a worthless concept.

I still would not like it, even though I would *KNOW* that they are jerks etc. I have to admit, I'm oversensitive.

They clearly have too much free time on their hands.

Im incredibly sensitive. I likely would be very hurt and also very amused at their 'anonymous' commenting.

Id be torn on what to do - but I would also be seeking the code that LJ offers that keeps any photo you post from being picked up and viewed at that other web site that shows any and all images used on LJ (which I am now going to go find and use as soon as I remember where I put it)

Mostly, Id be anoyed that someone was stupid enough to try and ruin my post, my LJ, and my day over something that isnt any of their business. Which means Id likely tell them to bugger off.

I would probably be mortified and crushed, but I have an unhealthy body image, so... :)

I would upset/piss me off more if it happened to a friend. I can't handle that kind of thing aimed at me, I get a little 'off the deependish' when I see it aimed at a friend.


Someone posted a thread praising Hitherby Dragons to their blog, and it got a comment (presumably referring to the about.html picture) saying "She looks like Weird Al in drag."

It bugged me, and still bugs me, but in a small and distant way.

Of course, it's a little worse and a lot better, since it was a pretty good picture of me on the one hand and a single not-*that*-nasty comment in a general context of praise on the other.

I would start off furious and end up amused, I think.

Those pics are very hot, btw.

I would get angry if one of my friends were the recipient of the slams and was deeply hurt. Fortunately, you embraced a healthy attitude about the incident, and raised yourself above the trash -- so no smackdown of the cowardly cretins was needed by me.

If the shots were aimed at me, I'd be a little irritated -- about the same way I might be annoyed with any misbehaving and disrespectful child -- but I'd shrug it off. I don't think I'd be amused -- perhaps just a little puzzled and saddened that people waste their lives in this way.

I don't think I'd be hurt, because the only opinions that matter to me are those from the people I love and respect. That's the way it worked through my transition, and that's the way I would assess any insult aimed at me today.

I had a bizarre situation several years ago (way pre-LJ) when my identity was snatched by somebody in the porn industry, resulting in some embarrasing and scary emails and comments in my then-guestbook from people who mistook me for the snatcher. I wrote to my ISP and every ISP I could track down through IP-adresses and email-headers and such and asked them for help with the offender. Things stopped after a few months, though I don't know if that was through the ISPs (who were more helpful about such things in the early days of the internet), or whether it just peetered out on its own. I was definitely not amused, though. Would have freaked totally if they had my picture circulating out there, but I think I was mostly all text back then.

New times, new dangers. Glad you're able to see some amusement in this, not a good situation.


At first I'm hurt. I hold my tongue and think about it though. Then I realize what pathetic, empty, unhappy, unfulfilled lives they must have. They are the kind of folks that get off on other people's misery and hurt. Though to say anything would only be a reaction and that's what the idiots are generally looking for. Thus I ignore them and pretend it never happened. Meantime, I'd close off the pictures from unauthorized access. {Sorry I missed the goatse thing whatever that was.}

I don't see it as entertainment if it's me or a friend. It's hurtful, mean, cruel and cold hearted. Many times it's also sexist, racist or otherwise prejudice. They should be castrated, tortured, have their nails ripped out one by one, covered in honey and placed on a red ant hill then left out in the middle of the desert staked down to die in the heat, sun, silence and lonliness watching vultures circle overhead. {No. Really. I'm not bitter or vendictive.} *grins*

His ~angel~