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Ys [userpic]

I've been enjoying the responses y'all came up with.

But cumaeansibyl wins for her excellent use of homoerotic imagery:

I bet you're the kind of guy who would fuck a person up the ass and not even have the goddamned common courtesy to give him a reach-around.

Oh, and I found where they were coming from. (Goatse image there now, at least until I get the referrer stuff set up, so beware.) Referrer logs are your friends. I'm setting up auto-referrer-denial on ysabel.org, just to avoid the bandwidth stealing. I'm also pondering responding to the thread, just because it would amuse me. (With something like, "He seems really nice, but really, I'm taken. Thanks for thinking of me, though." In case you were curious.)

I also found another place which just had a direct link to my image (again, a goatse image there now) over here, another making-fun-of thing. But it didn't have the link to my post.

There was a point where I would have been upset by this, I'll admit that. I'm pleased with myself that the most negative emotion I've had on the subject has been annoyance (at having the impetus to sit down and figure out the right apache mod_rewrite incantation to prevent bandwidth stealing, mostly). As far as I can tell, both of these happened because my images started showing up in a Google image search for "boobs", amusingly enough. I am what Google thinks of, when Google thinks boobs. *grin*

I'll edit this post when I've updated and tested the referrer-denial stuff, so the goatse images will be replaced with a "stop stealing my bandwidth" image, for folks who want to go look later. EDIT: Done. No more goatse for now.

Current Mood: amusedentertained

I'm having a hard time believing the dummies haven't noticed the image replacement yet.

I think it's also worth noting that these are the kinds of people who will actually search GIS for "boobs". Buncha clueless amateurs.

Actually, a copy of tubgirl with STOP STEALING BANDWIDTH across the bottom (of the image, not her bottom) might be even better.

Make me one, compressed as small as possible (low-quality jpg or something) and I'll drop that in place.

I don't have either tubgirl or reasonable photo-editing software at work.

by this point, you might not be at work anymore, but here's a really crappy version.


I'll take it down by the end of the day, because I'm sure my TOS on that certain site has some sort of "ick porn" clause.


Bandwidth stealing not only makes tubgirl cry, doing ANY kind of image manipulation on tubgirl makes ME cry.

never mind, I found it. ew.

Goatse-man's little sister. SHRIEK

Quoting Hartman in Full Metal Jacket always works.