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Ys [userpic]

So...this old post appears to have been posted to some make-fun-of-people site, or something, as it's garnered a bunch of anonymous attempts at being mean.

Most of which have just made me laugh.

If you'd like to see 'em, I've unscreened 'em all. If you'd like to flame them in some nominally elegant fashion, please do. If you'd like to compliment 'em on style, go for it.

I'm amused.

Current Mood: amusedamused

Attempts at being mean, indeed. That's just pathetic.

::rolls eyes at anonymous morons::

I love the tattoo, btw! _So_ cute!


Some kids should not be allowed to use mommy and daddy's computer. maroons!

Anonymous posting insults is cowardice.

I've never been able to understand people like this. How low must their own self-esteem be that they feel the need to put others lower? How bad must their childhood have been; how unfulfilled need their life be to attempt to give it meaning thus?

And to do so, hiding behind anonymity? I'll grant that they may not have accounts on LJ, only posting anonymously for that reason, and would be willing to put their name with their statements otherwise.

I am just amazed by the quality and thought that went into the insults there, too. I thought of trying my hand at coming up with an insult, just to see if I could - something like ‘You are a charlatan, calling yourself a woman! Surely your mother was a sea cow and your father an ass! Were you to gaze upon Medusa herself, she would turn to stone!’.

What a bunch of cowards. I happen to think you look great, and that suit is quite cute.

*grrr* The stupidity on the net continues to irritate me.

/hugs you/

Your lovely. Fuck them.

That's just lame.

Hatemongers are really low quality these days. I think the real good ones are too busy thinking up lies about John Kerry to spend time harassing people on the web.


I somehow missed that post earlier. I had no idea how good you looked when all the swelling went down.

Some people are so immature and stupid I don't know how they know now to breathe. >:(

I was a wimp. I posted the comment about the world being a better place since a certain anonymous poster would not be breeding.

Do you still need either the goatse or tubgirl images?