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Ys [userpic]

Random found commentary on gender behind the cut. Worksafe, but an image, so I cut it to save your friends pages...

For context, the boy in this strip is a female-to-male TS, and the girl is a male-to-female TS.

(I think the picture should load, but if it doesn't, just click the link.)

EDIT: Moved to a copy on my server. Follow the link anyway, it's a good strip!

Current Mood: amusedamused

I don't even see a link. I think I'll go downstairs and look on the XP box... Safari seems to hate me.

I got tired of fighting with the keenspace anti-referrer stuff and just made a copy on my server. But read the comic itself nonetheless! It's a wonderful comic.

That's an old one! Now I have to go play catch-up, because I quit reading not horribly long after that series.

I love Venus Envy. (:

I is lost...

Explaining the joke may lose something. Does this much help:

At the time of this strip, the boy has a vagina in his pants, and the girl has a penis in hers.

Does that help to illustrate some irony? *grin*


How the heck did that happen? Ok now I am going to have to read the whole thing.

Hee. It's a great strip, though the early art is, well, early webcomic art. *grin*

I don't understand a lot of the terminology. New for me and all ;)

Feel free to ask me if something's confusing, I'd be happy to explain. Just drop me an email or IM me or whatever.

Ok, I am not far into it but I already want to beat the shit out of his unsupportive mother and brother. What a couple of assholes.

"His"? You'd better be referring to Larson. :)

Er, sorry, really not used to the terminology change. I feel bad for HER father, who must have a crappoy time remembering the switch.

*gives you a big smooch*

Ok, I like the comic but I keep re remembering that she is not really actually a she. She's a he who wants to be a she. Now I completely support her in that since it will make her happy, and I wish there was more science could do to help her. But I think it is unfair to the girls on her soccer team and the boy she is dating (although don't even get me started about what shitty, horrible things that jackass deserves, the scumbag) to not tell them. I understand why she doesn't, but having an excuse doesn't necesssarily make it right. Neither does telling them later on.

I'm still not done reading it. it's very interesting and also very weird, like the odd paranormal weirdness going on which has, so far, not shown that it is actually real. Hard to say what is going on in the characters minds and what is actually happening.

I can see the unfairness to the guy, though I will admit that in the couple of cases where it was an issue while pre-op, I was generally unwilling to tell someone unless/until I thought it was going to get sexual or very serious. (I'm not sure that 'sexual' and 'very serious' are really distinct in my world, but eh.)

But why unfair to the girls on her soccer team? (Have you gotten up to the locker room incident yet?) Are you thinking in terms of some sort of (nonexistent) physical prowess? Hell, when I was in high school and well before I ever considered taking hormones, any one of the girls on the soccer team could've beat the crap out of me handily, and that's with me knowing Tae Kwon Do.

And I'm curious what "not really actually a she" means to you in this context. If she's physically female but for having a penis and possibly being a little behind on boob growth for her age (and she is -- hormones do that to you), I'm wondering why it matters for most things. I find that a lot of people have assumptions about boys and girls/men and women that often aren't true in cases like this...

(And wait 'till you get a little farther. Her boyfriend isn't as simple as he seems. Nuke, however, is a real dickhead.)

For the record, I believe that Erin 2.0 is entirely an author's silliness showing through, not "real". But there is a character who does appear to have some collection of paranormal abilities, most of which seem to annoy her to no end.

There's a scene at one point where Dad realizes that his inner monologue, worrying about her and stuff going on, is using her female name and female pronouns, and has a little 'whoa' moment. *grin*

Actually, her mother is relatively supportive compared to what the reality is often like. Scary, isn't it?

Her brother...well, he has his own issues, and is mostly just being a stupid teenaged boy. We get to find out more about that later on, in fact.

Yeah. I can understand it being weird. I was really kind of freaked when I found out my sis was a lesbian. But you just have to get over it and support your freaking family.

My stepdad's mom was very supportive, helped my mom through things. It was her opinion that such things were no different than, say, cancer, or needing glasses, or losing a leg in a car accident. Yeah, it means that there's some sucky stuff to deal with, but you don't stop loving or supporting your children.

My stepdad said to her at one point, "Yeah, but I just don't think I can deal with it."

She said to him, "That's too bad. I really thought I raised you better than that."

For the record, in recent years my stepdad has been very, very cool. Loving and supportive.

My dad is still a prick.

For the record, this is one of the funniest concepts I've ever seen... And oh, the sympathy... *grin*

Hehe. I have to admit I am very new to this whole situation. It will be nice when we have the technology to just remove someones brain and grow them a new correct gender body.

I really need to put together some pictures for a COTD for you at some point, see if you like 'em. *grin* It's not a whole new body, but I'm actually pretty happy with how everything's turned out.

I'd probably make Amy take some good pictures so they'd be nicer than just snapshots, though.

I love Venus Envy! ^_^


I yearn for the day when I can refer to people's offspring as "it" and not get big nasty dirty looks...