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Ys [userpic]

It occurs to me that I don't think I mentioned it here.

The other day, while talking about politics, Joel said to me, "When was the Interregnum of the Prophets* supposed to start, anyway?"

* The "Interregnum of the Prophets" was a time in Heinlein's main world where the U.S. was run by a totalitarian theocracy. To quote the concordance: Theocratic and totalitarian government that prevailed in the United States around the end of the 20th century, until overthrown by the Cabal. It was founded by the demagogue Nehemiah Scudder and perpetuated by successors who were more self-serving politicians than religious fanatics, but who used religion to keep the populace under control.

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wow. That Joel's comment just BROKE geek meter. I'm impressed beyond words.


I instantaneously understood exactly what he meant.

Does that make me a break-the-meter geek too? *grin*

Yes. instantly getting a Geek refference makes you an accessory-after-the-fact. When the concentration camps are opened up, your name will be on the list also.

See, I just kind of chuckled and kept reading. Maybe I'm jaded, but I sort of expect this kind of thing from folks like Ysabel and Joel.