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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

This fifteen part essay on proto-fascism and Newspeak is not easy to get through. It is not a light read, and it's painful to read to boot.

However, it's worth the time. I think I picked up quite a bit on what fascism is and is not and understand a lot more about its chameleonesque nature now.

It's just as depressing as everything else I read on politics these days, though. *sigh*

Current Mood: impressedimpressed

Future reference: chameleonic, rather than chameleonesque, is the appropriate adjectival form of chameleon.

Aww! But chameleonesque rolls off the tongue so nicely...

All I am saying is give -ic a chance.

-esque is the most overtaxed suffix in all of the kingdom of Adjectivia, probably because it's so euphonic.
Notice how that's not euphonesque?

Re: All I am saying is give -ic a chance.

So if I'm feeling like a salmon, do I say I'm feeling salmonesque, salmonic or salmonish?

I'd also like to know if I can get salmonella from a salmon.

Re: All I am saying is give -ic a chance.

I'd say salmonic, myself, though 'salmon-like' is another perfectly workable portmanteau word.

And you can't get salmonella from a salmon. You get salmonella from the jazz section of any respectable record store.

This must be life, flashing before my eyes

I seem to recall a local band (to Seattle) back in the early 80s called the "Jammin' Salmon".

They might have had a battle of the bands at the local Skate King with "Cat Butt", whose seminal album was "Journey to the Center of Catbutt".