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If you've never read this little treatise on the different linguistic patterns between fanfolk and mundanes, you really should.

(I've read it before, but realized that I never pimped it. So go read. It's entertaining, at the very least.)

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Interesting. I'm not even active in fandom, but I am a fairly reclusive and introverted geek, and I exhibit a lot of these traits as well.
Good read!

Wow. Just wow. I'm reading through this and thinking, "I've done that... and that... yup, there too".

Yes indeed, that's the way to tell fans from mundanes: interrupt them while speaking, and the latter will gape in disbelief =)
I so want to go to a con now, just for some animated discussion unhampered by, y'know, the social rules of conversation...

Nice article, and very interesting. I don't know how my pronunciation compares to others - I have always had issues making, which might be related to not actually hearing the differences (I think I generally treat two vowels as being the same in some situations, although I can't recall any examples at the moment) - but I definitely think in written English, and even in the third person, at times.

I immediately had to put my chin on my hands and attempt to ascertain how speaking that way would be difficult. :)