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Aren't computers fun?

So I backed up everything I cared about (only about 25G of the 80G or so I had used on my drive) and wiped the disk and installed a fresh, plain install of WinXP on my home workstation this weekend. All told, it's much happier (and I have upgrades of things like Mulberry, which I use to read my email).

However, I will say that it's quite annoying when multiple things suggest upgrading to the most current VIA drivers for my VIA motherboard, except that WinXPsp2's drivers actually work, and VIA's drivers don't. I had to use safe mode to disable things multiple times.

And lots of things don't support USB keyboards very well when things are going weird. I had to plug another keyboard into the machine several times.

However, it all seems reasonably happy now. Yay! Much faster machine with much less cruft on it.

As part of all that, I managed to clean off my desk and moved my monitor over to the other side of my desk, so using a tablet will be a little easier. I might even try hooking my joystick/throttle/rudder pedals back up now that I have space for them, and reinstall one of the games for which they are so nice...

I also managed to get a few other things done this weekend, though nowhere near as much as I'd hoped. Ah, well.

Tired now.

Current Mood: tiredtired

Aren't computers fun?

Absolutely. Especially when they're not loaded with WinXP. *ducks head*

Unfortunately, there isn't another option that does what I need for my workstation machine.

I'll note that Cygwin was installed before pretty much anything else (except patches/drivers) and I have several servers down in the basement. *grin*

Mmm... joystick/throttle/pedals...
Best game EVER for control with them was Mechwarrior 2. It really gave you the sense you were piloting a 100 ton robot(or 40, with my preferences) :-)

I agree! I need to dig out my MW disks (though I think they're 3 and 4; I'm not sure I even have MW2 anymore, or could get it to run if I did).

If you can find it, I think mercenaries will still run on modern systems. It was one of the earliest games ported over to Direct X, I think.
I'm pretty sure it isn't GLide.

Mercenaries was really really really hard.

Largely because you aren't really buff enough early in the game to take any of the high-paying jobs (unless you're really good) and so you have to do lots of piddly jobs for way longer than I have patience to get enough money to buy the gear needed for the good jobs.