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Ys [userpic]

You probably don't want to read this story.

But you probably should.

Current Mood: pessimisticpessimistic

your post makes me want to cry. for the loss the woman is suffering in finding out that her baby is dead. for the anguish of having to keep the dead fetus in her for an extended period of time. for the stupidity of the burocracy that prevented her from receiving adequate medical care.

I am doing my pre-med work on the way to becoming an ob-gyn, and this really ripped my heart out. I strongly suspect that by the time I am practicing, these procedures will not be legal at all.

something to think about.

Bush and his cronies are complete fucking morons. They are trying to control something (which a male should have no business poking his nose into) and overreacting. It's like "Speeding is dangerous, so let's ban cars. No cars, no speeding."

*screams* I hate that moron in office and I can't wait for him to be booted out of the Oval Office, and I'd love to see him put on trial for the idiotic things he's done while president.

which a male should have no business poking his nose into

I will agree that a man should never have the final decision on if a woman has an abortion or not, but any child - unborn or otherwise - of mine is absolutely my business.

I am, by the way, male.

Thank you for posting that link. It literally made me shake with tears. I can't even think of anything coherent that would express the sadness, anger and just frustration that the whole issue makes me feel.


Yah. :(

We're heading back to the time when a primary cause of death among young women was complications from black market abortions. When they say they want to preserve life, it's never the woman's life they're thinking of.


i cried so hard. for many reasons. i've had friends in that position, but they luckily hemmoraged and had to be helped. since i can't have kids, it hurt to read about her losing a child. and it made me disgust bush on so many levels.