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Ys [userpic]
What fun.

Don't look now...

EDIT: More on the subject.

For the record, habeas corpus is extremely important. And appears to have, in this case and others, been seriously eroded.

EDIT: In news reports last week, [billionaire] Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaking on his radio show, seemed to imply that the arrests of innocent people were inevitable.

"You can't arrest 1,800 people without having somebody in the middle who shouldn't have been arrested. That's what the courts are there to find out afterwards," he said.

So much for innocent until proven guilty, as well. Joy!

Personal commentary: None of these links are unimpeachable and they're certainly biased. I'm more interested in (disgusted by) the underlying things going on than the particular spin these sources are putting on it, just for the record.

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very concerning. thanks for posting

I would like to see more attention paid to this in the mainstream press, along with some confirmation of who leased the pier, who gave the orders, &c..

As far as I can determine, the claim that the RNC leased the pier comes from a single person who claims an unnamed someone told her husband so on the phone. I'm not saying it isn't true, I'm saying that corroboration would be helpful.

I agree 100%.