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Ys [userpic]
Oh, and I hate insurance companies.

I hate insurance companies.

They denied my Adderall XR prescription. Initially they said it was because I was over 18 (because everyone knows adults don't have ADD).

After my doctor beat on them a bit, they came back and said, "We'll cover the short-acting version, since there's a generic of that." In theory, we can try that and if there are issues, we can then appeal and get coverage for the extended release version.

The issue with short-acting drugs and ADD is, of course, that you have to take another dose midday. Right about the time the morning dose is wearing off.

And one of the features of ADD is that it's difficult to remember to do routine things like, oh, take drugs at a certain time every day.

So, anyway, I have several coping mechanisms in place. So far I've only managed to take my midday dose late two out of three days, and I have yet to forget it altogether, so I'm coping. I need to get batteries for the little alarm-pillbox thing we have, but of course I keep forgetting to go buy some. (It needs watch batteries; if it just needed AAs or AAAs I have a stash of those, because I always forget them.)

On the bright side, it's easier to manipulate the dosage on the short-acting stuff, so it's a little easier to figure out what the right dosage is. I suspect I'll end up going back to the insurance company once I've been on this version long enough and get my doctor to harrass them and hopefully they'll cover something that won't be so difficult to remember to take.

Anyway. Enough for now.

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

I have a similar problem, though it's not the insurance company's fault. I have to take two kinds of insulin, one short-term that I take when I eat, and one that I take once a day.

I have a heck of a time remembering if I took the once-a-day one on any particular day. I mean, I have my watch set to remind me, but sometimes I'm in the middle of something and tell myself I have to remember to take it when I'm done - then can't for the life of me remember if I have or not. I really have no idea at all how to solve the problem. Since it's in a syringe, I can't even do the put-one-pill-in-a-compartment-for-each-day-of-the-week thing. I need one of those things like the Pill sometimes comes in, where you turn it each day when you've taken it, or something.

You'd think that something so vital to, you know, keeping me alive and feeling well would be something I could remember, but the days all just blend together in my mind.

I have often wondered why more drugs that must be taken on at least a daily basis don't come in birth-control pill-like packaging. At least drugs that come in pill form anyway.