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Ys [userpic]
Kingdom of Loathing

An Adventurer is You!
Ysabel (#179419)
Level 4
Starch Savant


Current Hit Points:4
Maximum Hit Points:20
Current Mana Points:0
Maximum Mana Points:25
31 (base: 13)
46 (base: 19)
30 (base: 12)
Temulency:2 (a little drunk)
Adventures remaining:0
Turns Played:475


You must gain 1 Mysticality to advance to level 5.


Hat:The Colander of Em-er'il (Power: 50)
Weapon:Dr. Hobo's scalpel (Power: 40)
Pants:pants of the Slug Lord (Power: 30)
Accessory:Mr. Accessory
Accessory:Pine-Fresh air freshener
Accessory:shiny ring


Pasta Oneness (93)

(click the skill name for a description)

Manicotti Meditation
Lasagna Bandages

Current Familiar:

Grot, the 11 pound Leprechaun (123 kills)


You have completed your training with the Toot Oriole.
You have proven yourself literate.
You have found the Untinkerer's screwdriver.
You have helped the Pretentious Artist find his stuff.
You have unlocked 2 tattoos.
You have helped defend the Gourd.
You have slain your Nemesis in the Cave.
You have found the Dolphin King's treasure.
You have found Dr. Hobo Jones's treasure.
You have slain the Boss Bat.
You have discovered the Hidden Temple.
You have built your own Bitchin' Meat Car.
You have planted a Beanstalk in the Nearby Plains.
You have taken care of the rat problem at the Typical Tavern.

Current Mood: amusedamused

Wow, and this on top of GenCon being here this weekend! Lovelies and happiness surround me, even if I only read LJ and go to work.

Is that a frighteningly large toothbrush you're holding or a rather short-handled rake? :P

It's a pasta spoon (because I'm a pastamancer).