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Ys [userpic]

Okay, so here's the outfit I'm thinking of wearing to the Black Tie wedding. Thoughts, anyone? Note the matching belt. (Pictures are with me wearing all the jewelry I'd wear with this outfit, but no makeup and my hair is a mess, of course. The shoes are for comparison; I'll probably get some blue strappy sandals of some sort.)

Click through for higher-res versions.

Current Mood: nervousnervous

Ooooh.... The subtle tie-dye effect speaks to my inner hippie. :)

You... look like the wife of one of my college Calculus professors O.o

Not exactly, but very close!

That dress looks wonderful on you! I think it would be perfect :>

My goodness, that's a lovely dress!

If you want to dress it up even more, you could put a silver doodad or two (nice barette or fancy shiny bobby pin/s or even some sort of dangly thing) in your hair, or do a partial psyche knot (I always liked the effect of having most of the hair down and long and flowing but with a little pulled up and back into a romantic knot.) It's good if you want to show off your earrings!

I think the jewelry and belt is great with it. And the shoes are awesome!

Lovely; and quite appropriate. Thus speaks Daughter of DAR. I'm thinking hair-up over hair-down, if you've got a sparkly-yet-tasteful hairclip (as opposed to the sparkly monstrosities I tend to favor)... complete with the little curly tendrils over the ears. Helps highlight the earrings.

Yeah, I was thinking hair-up.

I appreciate your weighing in, as you're from the same sort of family as the mother of the bride, whose opinion is the one I'm the most worried about. *grin*

I know next to nothing about Proper Etiquette in those circles, and I care way more about this particular event than I probably ought to.

"Proper etiquette" depends entirely on what the observer was taught. I know you can be polite, civil and charming; that should do you just fine. Just in case, though, here are a few gems I've gleaned while playing the debutante game:

No talking about anything remotely interesting, beyond "Hello, nice to meet you, that's a lovely tie, yes, it's a pity it's raining, but I've heard that's good luck" either... unless you can be so vague that no one knows what you just said. Make a game of it with your companions; decide on the obfuscation points system beforehand, and have approprate prizes ready to go. Bonus points for any sentence that doesn't-quite-mention sex, religion AND politics.

Corralling wayard young children, and asking loudly, "does this belong to anyone?" will not win you points with the parents, but will probaly win you friends among other adults present. Try not to do this during the actual ceremony, unless absolutely necessary.

Grabbing any wayward hands (or other body parts) of strangers from off your anatomy, holding them aloft, and asking loudly, "does this belong to anyone?" will not win you points with the masher, but will probaly win you friends among other women present. Try not to do this during the actual ceremony, unless absolutely necessary.

Absolutely do not yell "BATHINGSTOKE!" at the top of your lungs while vaulting into the choir loft.

That should do ya!


Oh wow, you look great in that. I think it qualifies for black tie, but please take that with a grain of salt. Me uncultured thug from upstate NY who didn't know napkins were supposed to go in laps until me started dating callicrates.

Also, where did you get that dress, and is it still available? if you had it made for you, could you pretty-please give me a pointer to who made it?

Re: Dress

I got it from my Mom, who traded with someone for it at some point. It's a handmade silk set. I can ask my Mom if she remembers who she got it from and whether said person is still in business... She got it over ten years ago, though.

Ooooh that's so pretty and you look fabulous in it.

Is that fabulous or Fabulous? *grin*

I think that dress is awesome and I want one.

Very pretty! You look marvelous! I want one too!

Gorgeous dress!!! I love that tie dye sort of washed silk.. Mmmm!!! I have a couple silk sarongs dyed in a similar way.

I love that bracelet on your right wrist - with the twist. :)