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Ys [userpic]

Y'all might have some ideas.

This next weekend I'm going to a wedding. The invitation specifically says Black Tie, and it's an afternoon wedding. I can find only limited information about exactly how dressy this needs to be (namely something like "tea-length evening dress is the minimum").

I have a green dress that is certainly acceptible, but I don't really want to wear it. I also have a gorgeous loose silk blouse and skirt that my Mom actually wore to my wedding (and later gave to me) and I wouldn't mind wearing that, but I'm not sure if it's really acceptible.

Do I need to go find myself another dress? How dressy do I have to be? I have several other dresses that would work for an evening Black Tie wedding, from what I've found -- but they're black, and everything I could find said black is Not Okay for an afternoon wedding, even a Black Tie one.

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It sounds like "Formal Garden Style" would probably be good; afternoon weddings do tend to be less formal, but the important thing is that you Look Good And Feel Great. I, of course, am hardly qualified to offer commentary on outfits; I'd probably go with whatever I was most comfy in. (Er. Other than breeches.)


It depends on the wording, really. 'Black Tie Preferred' is looser than 'Black Tie Required.' I would stick to an actual dress, but your best bet is probably to call them and ask. Just make a joke about not wanting to outshine the bride's maids or something.
And yes, no skimpy black dresses during afternoon weddings, please. **grin**

no skirts. skirts at weddings are strictly for women over 45. lol.

You should be classy, elegant and not overdone. But yes, dressy.

Black is not acceptable for Black Tie before say 6 or 7 pm, no.

Afternoon weddings call for light colors.

Let me know if you need more advice.


I think I'm failing to get what you mean by "no skirts". I would think a pantsuit would not be appropriate...

The outfit I'd like to wear but am unsure of is light colors and is two seperates (skirt/blouse) that look like they're a dress when they're on.

As far as I can tell, otherwise I'm stuck going over to Off 5th or someplace similar and buying something new, which I can't really afford.

If the skirt and top look like a dress when they're on, then that would be just fine, and since they are lighter colors than the green dress, that decides it.

As I understand it, when men wear black tie, women wear something frilly or at least wafty. Which makes me wonder about shoes. I'd wear dressy sandals, probably white--what shoes were you thinking of wearing? You have real experts responding here, unlike me '-)


I meant you should go with a dress. Can't you borrow one or do you not know anyone your size?

(and yes, I knew what you meant when you originally mentioned the skirt.)


I don't know anyone who is both my size and would have anything appropriately formal.

I could just buy one, but we really shouldn't spend the money.

I'm probably going to go with the silk outfit, since it's really more elegant than the one evening-gown-type-dress that I have that's not black, and I can't wear any of my black evening dresses.

"Black Tie" normally means men in suits / tuxeudo's and women in dresses. Black is inapropriate to wear as it's considered bad luck or wishing bad upon the bride and/or couple. White is not apropriate as normally only the bride would wear such. Though you may be able to get by if it the outfit looks like a dress once on.

His ~angel~

Everything I've been able to find says that black is appropriate if and only if it's an evening wedding. Afternoon wedding == light colors preferred, black is definitely right out.

It's amazing how many contradictory bits of advice I've been able to find out there. *grin*

Okay, the whole thing about dresses instead of skirts and blouses is just silly. You have less dressy dresses than that outfit. I have dresses designed to look like skirts and tops. A really popular style in evening dress recently has been a drawstring ball gown skirt and separate tiny sequined top, often nearly backless. It doesn't matter a do diddly damn if it is a dress or not if you ask me. What matters is that it looks like you tried to dress up and look nice for a summer wedding, didn't wear white or black, and picked something classy and nice on your body. The silk thing is gorgeous and your mother probably paid 2-300 dollars in trade for the thing, which is more than many "formal attire" dresses and it looks it in terms of class. Most people can't afford artist's hand died silk attire and it shows in how stunning an effect it is. Find some strappy blue shoes if possible, borrow a healthy set of my jewelry and stop driving yourself insane. :)