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Ys [userpic]

Best part of the whole unfriending bullshit...said person made his sub unfriend me; said sub's journal is friends-only, so of course that means I can no longer follow her journal either. I'm not unfriending her regardless (if she wants to read my friends-locked stuff, I'm fine with that), but still.

There are a few folks who read me who'll understand the dynamic there. I suspect this won't surprise anyone.

Isn't LJ drama fun?

Yes, I know I'm perpetuating drama by making this post, but there are a few people out there who'll appreciate the irony. This is for them. If you don't, well, this wasn't for you, so just leave it alone.

Current Mood: disappointedbemused

Hello, and welcome to the third grade. He's taking his ball and going home, only in this case the ball is another human being.

Well, we already knew he was a coward and a weasel; with today's reply in your other post, we know he's also a fool! So he's got the whole trifecta of idiocy thing going.

I figure sooner or later his sub will wake up and maybe find a proper dom instead of this tin-whistle wanker.

Your reply to his comment gave me a fit of the giggles, oh yes it did my precious, oh yes it did!

And I guess I'm narrow-minded, but when a putz like that capitalizes "Mine" and "Me" and "My" and the like, I just have this urge to put my fist through his face. sigh

Yeah, it's pretty f'n pathetic to crow about how nobody went over there to tell him off or anything, when the reason for it is HE DIDN'T EVEN SET IT UP SO THEY COULD.

Frickin' moron.

Your reply to that was classic.

*hugs you*

Excuse me?

Forced? Not in a lifetime. My *HUSBAND* didn't force me or require me to do anything with my journal. What I do with my journal is through my own desires and actions.

The only reason why I'm even saying this much is due to the fact that what is being said about *ME* is completely *WRONG*, completely *UNTRUTHFUL* based on the goings-on of the last 48 hours.

This really is sad. And yet, has anyone even bothered to talk to me about this? As I wrote, I've been placed in a situation that was completely uncalled for. Thank you so very much. As I've posted: There's your (i.e. the 'group') side of the story. There's my side of the story. Then there's the truth. Figure out which one you choose to follow before making uncalled for and completely inappropriate remarks that you know nothing about.

It's such a wonderful feeling to have complete strangers trash my Husband. You expect Him to not trash your point of view, your beliefs. Yet, what are you doing with Him?

As someone said: Do I hear hypocrite?

Do I hear hypocrite?

Given the identity of your husband, I'd have to say I'd be surprised if you weren't hearing hypocrite.

Your comment makes it pretty clear that I'd grossly overestimated your reading comprehension. If that's really what you're seeing here, then either you haven't actually been reading anything and just listening to what your terribly wronged husband had to say, or you really aren't getting it.

I'm not the one telling folks who don't like my very personally-directed anger to unfriend me, or failing to give them any forum in which to respond to me even when I have expressed my frustration. Personally, I've even left anonymous comments enabled on all of my posts.

I've made no uncalled for or inappropriate remarks, nor have I made any remarks about which I know nothing.

Nor have I lied, to the best of my knowledge.

If you know otherwise, please, correct me, in detail and explicitly. As far as whether there was coercion involved in your actions, I think you're going to have a hard time convincing me there was none, given previous conversations we've had around similar issues other people have had with your husband, and the nature of your relationship with your husband. I don't think I'm impossible to convince, but this particular response contains nothing so far that would convince me.

I have no problem with you. I never have.

If you have a problem with the fact that your husband called me an abomination, told me to unfriend him if I didn't like that, and I chose to do so...well, I'm not sure there's a lot I can do about that particular problem. I did exactly what he asked.

You expect Him to not trash your point of view, your beliefs. Yet, what are you doing with Him?

Let's do a little comparison.

Your husband says that people like me are abominations to the world.

He says that he hopes that the country we both live in enshrines in its Constitution the concept that people like me are second-class citizens.

And then, he invites anyone who doesn't like that to unfriend him. And provides no other way to respond.

I take him at his word, unfriend him and say, "I don't need to see that sort of vitriol to know it exists."

Who's trashing whom?

Side Comment: Is it me, or is someone who routinely capitalizes "him", like he was some sort of deity, when talking about a living person overdoing the lifestyle thing just a little bit?

And people who capitalize "me" and "mine" in the middle of a sentence are ego balloons that need popping, IMO.

But, Happy Birthday, ysabel!!

you are

by allowing your friends to continue to shit talk in your journal. I made MY post in MY journal. if you took offfense to it then OH WELL. My girl removed you because you're a bitch. I removed you because you're a bastard. In closing I'd just like to say something that I have held back on saying up to this point...... FUCK YOU!!!!

It's such a wonderful feeling to have complete strangers trash my Husband. You expect Him to not trash your point of view, your beliefs. Yet, what are you doing with Him?

I believe that your husband opened himself up for a trashing when he decided to bandy about cruelty to large groups of people he doesn't even know. As for not trashing our point of view, no actually I don't expect it. I believe I said elsepost that I think the man is hopeless. I therefore expect nothing reasonable from him under any circumstances and fully admitt that I am handing back to him what he is handing out in the name of Christianity, despite said religion's rather overwhelming and obvious dissaproval of his behavior. In case we're having reading level issues again, for clarity sake, I am not Christian and therefore do not always agree with their rules of conduct, thus I am not being inconsistent with myself in handing it back to him, whereas he is if he wants to pretend that Christianity is his reason rather than just blind hatred and abject fear. Perhaps before calling people hypocrites you should attempt to either understand the word or actually evaluate if it applies more effectively.

Its fun to light up all the buttons when the merry-go-round's destination seems quite predictable, and there's no emergency ejection seat, yes? :)

Watch the buttons light up. Pretty lights.

Your avatar has me hypnotized...