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Ys [userpic]
General status

Upped my dosage this morning. Feeling okay today. Fairly productive at work, reasonably content. No Black Pit of Despair looming -- I can see it from here, but it's not any sort of immediate threat.

A little squirrelly on the emotional side this morning. Somewhat better this afternoon, though I have a mild headache right now.

Oh, and if you care, I now have a deadjournal: </a></b></a>ysabel

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

glad ur feeling better! what hormones exactly are u on? i use the vivelle-dot patch and and estradial pill to control the hot flashes, mood swings, etc., just cuz my body wanted teh greter amount of estrogen that it may not need but was used to getting before my surgery ^_^ i do have a question for u tho....have u noticed more headaches in general since u started using the hormones or just today? i fell like i have, but i've experienced a lot of changes right at the same time as my hrt began so i was just curious ^_^ hope all is well!

u got a dj? with a code? or is it free now?

I'm taking (at this point) estradiol, 6mg/day. I'm supposed to be taking low-dose aspirin every day too, but I'm being bad about that.

I never had migranes before hormones, and I have had them since, but not often. No other increase in headaches or anything like that.

And yeah, a friend gave me an invite code to DJ.

what's the difference between livejournal and deadjournal? is it just 'cool factor'?