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Ys [userpic]

Holy shit, Unca Neil, this is fucked up!

It's a link to a Neil Gaiman story. Link and link text ganked whole cloth from cleolinda.


Current Mood: impressedimpressed

Hee, I found that story about four years ago. I liked it so much I saved it to disk ... then I forgot where I put it, or even that it existed. Thanks for reminding me.

I have that on CD somewhere beaing read aloud. That and the angel murder story. I really like his newest one - A Study in Emerald.


*sigh* I would so give a year off of my life to be able to converse with that man on a regular basis. I hadn't read this one before, thanks for pointing it out. He's so... what? Dreamy? No. Hmm, Disturbing! Yes, that's it. Who else can make bi-incestual pedo-necro-philial retellings of favourite children's tales so beautiful? I want to be his child in a next life - bedtime stores would so rock.

Have you seen officialgaiman, at least?

Go here and listen to Bebe Neuwirth read it aloud. It's chilling. While you're there, look for Murder Mysteries, also by Gaiman. Listen to it in the dark.

I remember that story from Smoke and Mirrors... A lot of the others in that book are very disturbing/good too. For instance, have you seen the Santa Claus drabble? (It may not be a drabble, but I remember it was a very short word-count)