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Ys [userpic]

So, I'm wondering if maybe my hormone dosages are too low. (I've dropped 'em relatively recently to see where I needed 'em -- I want to take the minimum I realistically can.)

I've felt really unstable lately, with more downs than ups. But I'm not sure if that's just perception. I'm going to try to record emotional state a little more often for a bit here and see if I can get a somewhat more objective retrospective.

This morning I feel unpleasant. Afraid of a variety of things. Sensitive and a little pissy. Wishing for some escapism, but not feeling very connected to reality, so that's probably a bad thing. Really wanting some self-denial as a means of gaining some control, which is often an indication of feeling out of control.

Tummy upset, and my lip hurts, and my head-innards are still feeling about 1.25x too big for my skull (though better than over the weekend -- no ear pain this morning, at least).

Seeing Kate was very cool yesterday. I enjoyed the second showing of Shrek 2 as well...but I also crashed pretty hard after I took Kate home. I'm not sure whether that's an indication that I was down and just using getting to be around someone to hold me up, or what. (And is that a sign of right-now-negative-bias? I don't know.)

I appear to be fairly productive at work this morning.

Current Mood: crankycranky

I've been crankier than usual lately. Some of it is probably just due to being out of work at the moment, and some of it is just my period. But I really should have my levels checked and maybe consider a higher dose, or even injectables. I can't deal with this forever.