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Ys [userpic]
I am insane

I'm dancing around my house to bubblegum techno.

I clearly need to do some DDR when I get back.

Current Mood: bouncybouncy

I do that sometimes. Only not when my SO is around. Heh.

I clearly need to do some DDR when I get back.

You need to do some Double Data Rate when you get back?

You need to upgrade your memory?

Deutsche Demokratische Republik? I wouldn't have picked you for a Stalinist. :)

Stuff like Smile.dk "Butterfly"? :) I'm always looking out for more peppy techno, so what're ya listening to? :)

DDR Questions (real, actual questions!)

What system are you using to run DDR (does it play decent games?) and how much square footage does the floorthingy require?

And is a low-hanging ceiling fan (that I'm not allowed to have removed, sigh, something about 'ventilation' and 'being able to breathe inside the house' - whatever) gonna present a problem?

(DDR is *so* on my wishlist)

Re: DDR Questions (real, actual questions!)

I use a playstation 2 (for playing DDR Max) and a chipped playstation (for playing 4th Mix and 3rd Mix, which are imports). The floor pads I use are about 3'x3' or so? Something like that.

I don't think the fan will really be a problem. It's not like you're jumping all that high...unless the fan is really really low-hanging or something.

A DDR setup isn't that expensive, for what it's worth...
I can make lots of suggestions about what you should buy if you're interested.

Well, okay, an arcade machine isn't cheap (and I want one someday) but a home setup isn't particular expensive.

Interested!! Wheeee!

Suggest away! 15' long room, with 60" TV at one end, fan smack in the center of the space. 3'x3' floorthingy sounds good.

TV is... umm.... let's see. About 6 years old; things get plugged into in the front using these little color-coded cable-y things. It... um. Has a remote.

Yeah, I'm not a mech-E.

Any help appreciated...!

Re: Interested!! Wheeee!

Go to http://www.redoctane.com/ and buy an Ignition pad (http://redoctane.com/ignitionpad.html). Then buy one of a Playstation, PS2 or Xbox, depending on your budget and what else you want it for. A plain playstation is quite cheap at this point if you're really just wanting DDR. Then buy an appropriate edition of DDR for the machine you bought.

As an example, for $170 you can have http://redoctane.com/ddrkonamixpsone.html, which is a PS One, a single Ignition dance pad, and DDR Konamix -- everything you need to get addicted to DDR. *grin* (And it's a PS One, for which one can buy a metric buttload of cheap older games these days.)

For $220 you can have http://redoctane.com/ddrmax2with2ignitionpads.html which gives you DDR Max 2 and two Ignition pads (so you can play two people, or one person across two pads, very cool) -- but you need a PS2 to play it on, which is another couple of hundred. (Of course, the PS2 also has lots of other games -- that's what I use most of the time, and I play lots of other stuff on it. I'm particularly enjoying the .Hack// games and La Pucelle Tactics right now.)

I do strongly recommend spending the money on the nicer dance pads. The flat soft pads are great for getting hooked, but if you do it at all they wear out and stop working really fast.

I want one of the metal pads one of these days...

Oh, and the Playstations and the Xbox will both just hook up to your TV using the RCA plugs you're talking about. If your TV can do SVideo, you can also get an SVideo adapter for the PS/PS2, which is what I have, and you get a little bit crisper picture, which is nice.

Bubblegum techno!