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Ys [userpic]
Werk addendum.

Looking at supposed-to-be-OO code written by folks who don't understand OO techniques is physically painful.

This is a general statement, not specific to the third party tool we're reviewing.

It's just that this code is reminding me of this fact yet again.

They're defiling my art, damn them!!!

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This is tangential, but something you will understand.

I am in a room desiging an interface with three other brilliant people, one of whom has ADHD, one of whom has Aspergers, and one of whom is dyslexic and has major visual processing disorders.

Yet somehow they all think that their own personal experience is how the entire rest of the world sees things. So we get into these arguments where I say 'I understand that you prefer X, but other people (not me) will find it confusing and here is why.' And they say 'but I don't find that confusing.'

No shit you don't find it confusing. but we are desiging a system that any random person should be able to use AND YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT TYPICAL.


zen master torq's class on UI design

Stab one in the face and ask if the others felt it. Then leave the room.

Re: zen master torq's class on UI design

I love you.

if you don't mind my asking, for whom do you work, and what do you do for them?

what is the art that 'they' are defining?

I work for Qwest IT.

I have one of those "you're technical, but we don't know exactly what you do" sorts of titles. I'm a Staff System Engineer. I do a little bit of everything. I don't get to practice my art all that much most of the time, though -- my job has enough person-wrangling in it that I don't usually get to do much work with the code, and I don't have the authority to drive the team to build artful systems.

My art is software design. Not programming, necessarily, though that's definitely a part of it. The art of constructing software such that it solves complex problems but is simple to understand, basically.

People who write crap software (the majority of the folks out there writing software, I might add) make my skin crawl every time I have to touch their code. I want to grab them and shake them and scream, "Don't you care that your code is a festering swamp?" But I know that by and large, they don't.

Thus the "defiling my art" comment.

that sounds pretty interesting, actually. I've done computers, see, technical stuff like IT and system admin. But I got tired of babysitting cranky computers; I wasn't really happy doing that. So I'm trying to have a go at doing art, professionally and such ... well, sort of having a go, anyway. I'm sort of dead in the water right at the moment, but that's a different story.

From my adventures in programming and such, though, I am very much aware of the crap software that you're speaking of. I did my best to alleviate that whne I was programming, but to little avail, I fear.

So what sorts of programs have you touched recently?

My primary project at work is an enterprise product catalog.

I've messed with a wide variety of stuff on the side, though.

well, good luck with it, have fun, and so on. See you about LJ :)

OO Stupid!

Looking at supposed-to-be-OO code written by folks who don't understand OO techniques is physically painful.

How tricky can it be? They understand English, right?

Write a sentence to describe whatever you're doing.
If it's a noun, it's a class.
If it's an adjective, it's a property.
If it's a verb, it's a method.
If it's an adverb, it's an argument for the method.
If it's a name, it's an object, an instance of the class.

My foot is going to kick your ass if you don't understand this simple shit...

My[name] foot[noun] is going to kick[verb] your[name/posession] ass[noun] hard[adverb] if you[name] don't understand[verb] this simple[adjective] shit[noun]...

foot my_foot=new foot();
person you=new person();
you.ass=new ass();
shit this_shit=new shit();

if (!you.understand(this_shit) { my_foot.kick(you.ass, hard); }

How hard can it be? Anyone who says OO is hard just had a bad teacher.

Re: OO Stupid!

They understand English, right?

No, I don't think most of them do.

I agree OO is simple, but if you don't understand it (and many folks out there clearly don't), it's a great tool for making a huge mess.

(I've been teaching OO techniques for over a decade now, see.)

Oh, and you have a syntax error in your comment. *grin*