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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

This is all theferrett's fault.

Here's my first ever online journal entry, from November 10th, 1998. At the time, I had my own little journal system I'd written in Perl, running under Apache. I later went to Diary-X and then to Livejournal...


Welcome to this little meander through the weirdness that is my mind. I've started this today as an experiment. I'll admit that at least part of it was a challenge to myself to put together the scripts needed to make it relatively clean and pretty, 'cuz I knew I'd never do it even vaguely consistantly if I didn't make it really easy on myself.

I have no idea where these are going to go or what I'm going to say. We'll see.

Oh, the title (Journey Through Oblivion) is just a working title until I figure out what the hell to call this. Seemed as good a name as any, for now.

I'm psyched about the house. We're closing on it Nov 16th, as far as I can tell at this point. It took us months to get here. At some point I'll chronicle our little helltrip to buying a house.

In the meantime...enjoy the trip. Feel free to bug me [Editor's Note: link elided] if you think I'm not being consistant enough and you actually want to see these things.


Fiddled with my web pages a bit more. Finally got all the Wilson- stuff out of my last name (about time, Deb, your divorce was final in, what, May?)...at least on my web pages. Still haven't updated my SSN...

Why am I doing a journal in the first place? Well, having one's own web page is an exercise in egotism ("How many people will bother to look at me?")...why not go all the way and assume that some (sick) group of people out there really want to know what sort of odd thoughts run through my head on a day to day basis. On the other hand, writing is therapy. And stress relief. And some number of other things. And I don't do it enough, and I'd like to do it more...so, what the hell. Maybe it'll help my writing.

Looks like my Perl scripts generate a journal that works fine on Netscape 4.x and Lynx, and Bobby seems to approve, but MSIE barfs on the style sheet. Do I care?

Need to get my Halloween pictures accessable (more on that later) and would like to get the perl scripts I use to do these journals available, too. Anyway...

Current Mood: amusedamused

Thanks! I'd be interested in reading them if you ever put 'em back up.