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Ys [userpic]

For those of you who're into that sort of thing, I'm discussing my belief system/worldview/crazy-stuff-about-Norse-gods in proveyourgod, here, here and here. (Read 'em in that order.)

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As opposed to the extremely popular proveyou'regod community...


That so makes me want to start that community.

I thought you might find that amusing/appealing. :)

I like you. (:

Very interesting posts!

Thank you for sharing them. I've been wanting to ask a bit more about your connection to Thor and Norse gods.

It is an interesting argument. I've had contact with the orisha ... is it just hallucination? Are the orisha I have interacted with just aspects of myself symbolized? Or is it supernatural? The first has never seemed an option to me. I tend to believe that even "crazy" people may not be crazy, but more in touch with certain spirits and energy around us.

But maybe it is somehow a combination of the last two: the Self and the Divine?

Feel free to go into as much detail as you fancy on the past-life thing. :) As somebody who's never had so much as a glimmer of one, I'm desperately curious even about the stupid mundane details.

Feel free to ask questions.

Basically, I remember chunks of stuff that aren't this lifetime. It's not dramatically different than the way I remember stuff that happened, say, ten years ago. Except that it's clearly not here-and-now.

Seriously, most of my past lives are really pretty mundane. I've never been good at shutting up and I've lived in lots of societies where that wasn't accepted in women. I remember three lives where I was male and lived to adulthood -- in all three I found some military or military-like organization to join young and died young. I suffered a lot of abuse, from this perspective, but generally never thought of it that way; it was just life. I died in childbirth a whole lot. I died as a child a whole lot.

I had a life in the late 1800s/early 1900s where I was sexually abused by my father, and I was really not a nice person. I was killed by my fiance during an argument (he broke my neck in a fury), and I remember thinking, "Dammit, he broke my favorite jet necklace!" as I died.

My "vacation" life, I was the favored concubine of some sort of king or sultan or something. He loved me enough that I kept my status even when he moved on to younger girls. His wives hated me; I tried to ignore them. Most of the other concubines looked up to me. I had a son by him, and used my position to get him a good, solid position in life. I was quite happy, really, and had very little to worry about at any point in that lifetime.

My first lifetime here (as opposed to my first subjective lifetime) was somewhere around 2500 years ago, on the steppes. I was a female warlord in a society where that never happened. I always assumed that that one was just a flight of fancy...but it's a very intense set of memories. One day, I was watching PBS and they had an archeology special about this burial site where they'd found a female skeleton buried with the honors normally only found in male leaders, and they were talking about the anomalies and the like. General timing and location jived with what I remembered. I was fascinated until they showed the gravesite with the body in place and suddenly I was overwhelmed with nausea and I couldn't watch it anymore.

No proof there, of course, but I try not to think about the possibility that that was me.

Anyway. Feel free to ask. I'll answer whatever.

Your experience with Thor and subsequant analysis and thought etc, is strikingly similar to mine with Freyja. Interesting..!

Heh. I've had gods smack me upside the head, too. Disconcerting, that.

I've got about the same amount of Swedish blood as you do, but the Norse gods have never been interested in me. Mine are more of a multicultural polygot. They do tend to be more like themselves than the more-accepted American versions, though; to me, that's something of a truth-test.

I'm pretty sure they exist in some sense, although I'm not going to try to define "exist". I just wish one of them would stop hiding my stuff. He thinks it's funny. *eye roll*