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Ys [userpic]

So, for the record, it looks like pobox.com started filtering livejournal emails a day or so ago. I noticed the complete lack of emails and rerouted things to a direct address to my mailserver, and I'm getting comment emails now.

If you think I missed a comment that I should've responded to or something in the last day or so, feel free to let me know here.

I need to go prod pobox but later.

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

What the hell? Did Pobox come down with a bad case of AOL?

Volume-of-e-mail is an excellent way to detect a spammer; with only one exception, anyone one domain sending more than, say, a few thousand messages to any other domain indicates that the one domain is spamming.

That exception, naturally, is LJ, but without human intervention automated spam prevention processes would begin to block either mail from the domain in general or parsed (as by a Bayes filter) subsets of the mail.

Maybe they're just following AOL's lead.