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Ys [userpic]

Here’s an interesting aside: On the set of the original Planet of the Apes, the actors and extras would all break for a huge communal lunch. Because of the difficulty involved in applying and removing their make-up, they were forced to eat much of their food through their masks with straws. When it was time to eat, a very, very odd thing happened: All of the actors playing chimps would sit at one table, the actors playing orangutans would sit at another, and the actors playing gorillas would sit at yet another. This was not by the command of anyone; they just naturally sat with those who looked like them. It didn’t matter what ethnicity they were under the suit, indeed it didn’t even matter if they were friends outside of the production: They would not sit with anyone who was of a different order of ape. When questioned about it, they were confused and embarrassed. They had done so subconsciously, but what a statement on the human mind it became – even in fucking MONKEY SUITS, we’re afraid of those who are different.

And then I think that there must have been at least one actor, who had felt he was naturally a gorilla, but got cast as a chimp. I can see him there, sipping pulverized carrots through a straw, gazing over at the gorilla table and sighing; knowing that he was truly a silverback, but because of how he now looked, he was stuck eating with the chimps.

Poor guy.

From city_of_dis.

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