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Ys [userpic]

Presumably, I've gotten only one comment on the nude pictures post (it's friendslocked but not filtered, if you haven't seen it) because everyone is at work and thus can't look.


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Yep, at work.

I'd be more likely to comment if you were standing there naked, holding a katana.

Just, you know, because I'm weird.


Clearly I need to take some pictures like that, then. *grin*

Only, I don't have a katana. I do have a nice broadsword, though. And I really need to buy myself a set of sai...

Oooh, broadsword. That would also be nice!

You could always borrow the one in the library... I know it's not exactly particularly accurate, but it's probably close enough for the purpose...

I think you know why I didn't look.

~is still at work~

I looked, right before heading to work. Can't post a comment there now, though, cause now I'm at work. So I can post one here!

My reactions vary between 'ooh', 'wow', and a strange desire to, er, test it out...


You can call me 'suitably impressed'. Rrruf.

That would be why I haven't looked, yes. :)

Yup. And get this....I also disable cuts. So um yeah.

You look fabulous! I had to wait, because I had a plumber here.

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I want to do some more sexy shots now, yeah. *grin*

Maybe one in nothing but my corset, and I have a request for a nude of me holding a sword...

at werk, of course

otherwise I'd be all keen to ogle your boughten hooters. :)

I'll ogle later!

Re: at werk, of course

you look great- i could only peek quick since i am at work...

I must've missed the post

Sometimes I just scroll my friends list too fast. Went back and saw the pictures, looks like everything turned out good. Sorry I missed the first post.


Evil isn't always painful.....