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Ys [userpic]

I am again reminded (by a conversation elsewhere) how unpicky I am about films (or perhaps, how picky other people are about films).

I've seen one film that I thought was truly bad, and I couldn't finish watching it. I've seen a lot of films that I freely admit were bad films, but I enjoyed watching them nonetheless, and that's the point of a movie, to me.

That's why I pay the money. To enjoy myself.

I read things about people finding stuff jarring, and I just think, huh? I read about unbelievable characters, and I think, "Well, duh. Escapism. Of course they're unbelievable; if they were believable I wouldn't like them!" I read deconstructions of misogyny in film and mostly I think, "Yes, you have a good point. However, our society is misogynist, and that's not going to stop anytime soon. If I were to refuse to give my money to anything with misogynist tendencies, I would rapidly starve, much less ever get to do anything I enjoy. I'm going to go enjoy this movie now, kthxbye." (Yeah, I'm such the activist. Can you tell?)

Now, admittedly, there are a lot of films I don't bother to see. But I had a blast watching Van Helsing, to give a current example. Yes, it was terribly cheesy. Yes, it had plot holes big enough to drive the Titanic through. So what? It was fun.

I actually enjoyed the heck out of Wild Wild West.

I guess my standards are just really low.

Ah, well, more enjoyment for me.

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I'm pretty much there with you.

I have to agree. I liked Wild Wild West myself. And I enjoy the campy 'Allo 'Allo.

My general criteria is whether or not they can suspend my belief so I can *enjoy* things. Stargate failed that, Fifth Element managed it to a great degree.

To me a movie is either fun (or just enjoyable if its purpose is a bit more 'deep') or not.

And I've yet to tire of Rocky Horror Picture Show!

I love Fifth Element!

My husband and I have horrible, horrible taste in entertainment. And we adored WWW- great, silly fun!

Now, if something's so misogynistic that it makes me feel ill (gratuitous rape scenes, for example), that's not fun anymore... but apart from that, yeah, I totally agree.

Yeah, me too! I have a HUGE, advanced, ability to suspend disbelief when I'm watching a movie. If I want realism, I'll go stand in the street, thank you very much! I just want to be entertained. :)

I read someone's LJ entry about Kill Bill, and how unrealistic it was *especially after 9-11* that the main character had her sword with her on the plane. Now c'mon! The sword was a major plot point. Of *course* they're going to take every opportunity to showcase the fact that she had it with her! I wish people would just get over themselves already! :)

It depends on the movie for me. Sometimes it is too bad and something doesn't fit and it sucks me out of the moment. I call these moments "Keanu moments" because the easiest one for me to point out is in the Matrix. When he watches Morpheus jump to the other building and goes "Whoa..." I cannot forget that he is Ted Theodore Logan of Wyld Stalions.

Anyway, I loved Wild Wild West too. Thought it was great fun.

See, I thought the casting of Keanu as Neo was perfect. (And I normally don't like Keanu, largely because he can only do one character.)

Because, see, Neo is Ted Theodore Logan of Wyld Stallions.

I mean, "I know kung fu!" made that completely clear, if you hadn't gotten that by then. Neo was written to be that sort of doof.

Well, yes, but I was getting into the movie on a sort of philosophical way and Neo reminded me that Neo was a bit of a ... well... dork. It pulled me out of ii a bit.

I'll watch pretty much anything if it's the second feature at the drive-in (which is always a double feature). Last Saturday, we watched Mary-Kate and Ashley in New York Minute, and snarked at it from the back of the Aztek. I never knew that the GO Train ran to New York....

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Someone actually made a movie out of Tarnsman of Gor.

Frankly, it could've been a halfway decent B movie, so I wanted to see what they'd done to it.

It was absolutely horrible.

I took a lot of Literature classes in college and it took me a long time to be able to read 'fluffy' books for entertainment again. I also took several film criticism / film as lit classes. For some reason I've never had trouble looking at films in two different ways: with a critical eye, and for sheer entertainment value. If a movie is serious or meant to be artistic, I can put my critical blinders on and think about it that way. However, I see nothing wrong watching fun movies just for the sake of fun.

It's actually one reason I really like Roger Ebert as a film critic. He implicitly rates films within their own genre. So he'll give high ratings to things that aren't artistically significant, but that he though was a great film within its own genre. I think that's the only reasonable way to approach things, you can't judge Bill and Ted as though it's American Beauty, both of which are films I happen to love.

I love movies and tv...the good, the bad, the mediocre. heh. It's escapism. If I wanted reality, I'd be reading the newspaper or something.