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People are terrifying

I actually came across this question in a California Highway Patrol FAQ:

Q: I'm pregnant. The HOV lane requires two persons in a vehicle. Now that I'm eating for two, can I use this lane?

A: California law requires that in order to utilize the HOV lane, there must be two (or, if posted, three) seperate individuals occupying seats in a vehicle. Until your "passenger" is capable of riding in his or her own seat, you cannot count them.
They actually had to officially answer this question? Enough times that it was worth putting it in an FAQ?


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A pregnant woman in the south somewhere (Atlanta, I think I remember?) actually challenged a ticket for this and it got escalated to .. some higher court, and was ruled against. I remember it because it was on the watch-list of abortion rights activists because it had the potential for ruling that the unborn child was its own entity.

There are people that complain about people with kids using the HOV at all. They argue that since the kids aren't of driving age then they're not really removing extra vehicles from the road anyway, so they shouldn't have the ability to use the lane.

If it weren't for the difficulty in telling who is legal driving age and who isn't, I'd agree!
(You know you're old when you see people driving that couldn't *possibly* be old enough.)

If they have kids who are not their own kids in the car (especially going to something like school or youth sports or something), then they *are* actually removing vehicles from the road.

Hey, at least this way we get to laugh at their stupidity!

Well, being pregnant is very stressful, so perhaps it would be a good idea if they DID allow pregnant women in the HOV lanes. :)

given the frequency with which pregnant women have to either pee or barf, I would appreciate being able to use the HOV lane over sitting in traffic for three hours.

Well, sure, we all would, but that's not the point of HOV lanes.

HOV lanes are to encourage people driving less cars; in theory if there is more than one person in your car, that's at least one car that's not on the road.

If one dilutes that to 'anyone who finds an HOV lane more convenient' then a) you aren't rewarding the behaviour you're trying to encourage and b) HOV lanes don't move any faster anyway.

Well, yeah. I was making a tongue in cheek comment. You won't find a person more in favour of the proper use of hov lanes than me. I lived in the Bay Area too and had to sit in said traffic for three hours.

No definition...

Word: seperate
No definition for 'seperate'. Maybe you mean:
0. separate
1. septaria
2. septate

I like the idea that only people with a septum can use HOV lanes...

(BTW, my pregnant wife is still sick all the time, so I guess I'm eating for three... It would explain a lot...)