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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

So, I now have a Harley. A 2001 Sportster 883.

Now, I've been lusting after a 2004 Yamaha R1 and other similar bikes. So why, you might ask, do I suddenly have a Harley? Certainly it's not a bike I would ever have planned to buy.

However, my stepdad was selling his; Amy likes cruiser bikes and was interested. He gave us a good price and yesterday said, "Hey, just come get it and make sure I get paid before October."

So now I have a Harley. (Well, okay, Amy has a Harley, but I can steal it until I get the Seca back up and running.)

Here's hoping for shows to go well enough that I can still buy my lust object this summer. *grin*

Current Mood: amusedamused

Ooooh I've wanted a Harley Sportster for years now. The noise they make fit my "Big Daddy" personna affections. *laugh*

does this mean we'll get sexy chick posing on the cruiser pics in the near future? ;)


I could possibly be convinced. I'm not sure I'm all that sexy on the bike, though. I mean, leather is fun, but enough leather to keep one safe doesn't make for TEH S3XY.

Clearly I should do some black-leather-corset-and-heels shots on the bike or something.

Yamaha?!?! Danged. Yer dad should wash yer mouth out with soap for even saying such! Glad to see fate and good fortune smiled upon you and that you were blessed with a Harley instead of a wannabe bike. *grins* Then again i know i am prejudiced in that respect. With Harley's it's an "image" thing as much as anything else. i love our Harley. It just purrs going down the road. Though it's a 1200 cc and has more power than the 883. i'm not into racing though so i doubt i actually need more than the 883 delivers but the get up and go is awesome!

His ~angel~

I don't think the R1 can possibly be classified as a wannabe bike, nor could the 2004 Kawasaki ZX-10R I'm also lusting after. Both are pretty much the definition of the class they're in.

Then again, remember I'm into crotch rockets and not cruisers. Buell makes an interesting crotch rocket (though not to my tastes), but Harley proper doesn't.

I will say, though, having owned a small Yamaha cruiser (Maxim 550) and a slightly bigger Honda cruiser (Shadow 750) in my life, I'm not sure I can say I like the Harley better. It's different, certainly, and I do like it as far as cruisers go, but I'm not yet convinced. *grin* I think I'd rather have the current really big Honda cruiser offering -- though I will say I haven't tried one of the really big Harleys yet.

The 883's engine has very odd performance characteristics. It really doesn't like any significant RPMs, so you have to keep it down in the low-end torque as much as possible. Among other things, this means that the engine's comfort zone in top gear tops out around 65 mph. And that I have to pay a lot of attention to shifting, because it's nothing like what I'm used to.

It's got damn impressive low-end torque for an engine this small, though, I'll give it that. *grin*

i understand folks have their own preferences. i was just being a "smartass" by calling it a wannabe bike as i call all non-Harleys that. i've always had a love for Harleys long before we recently got ours. Though some folks prefer crotch rockets and others love the choppers {there's no accounting for taste *grins*} they were never something i was interested in. Then again there are some folks that don't like any kind of motorcycle at all. {Can a trike really be considered a motorcycle?} Some people prefer to be surrounded by a cage when out on the road. Hey, that's what makes us all unique though. Part of me thinks it would be great to see everyone on a Harley. Another part of me loves being unique in that it's not all that common and i'm a bit of an oddity out there amongst all that traffic. Just as my heart swells and i try not to grin {don't have a full helmet just a 3/4's} as i ride down the road i know that others are just as happy to be on their crotch rockets, in their SUV's, in their trucks and such.

Hope i didn't offend ya. Just some good natured ribbing i was intending. Once you get your dream bike you can feel free to tell me how you'd leave me in the dust. *grins*

His ~angel~

Oh, gods no. I took it as teasing, I was just responding with, "Yeah, well, show me a Harley that is the sort of bike I want before you give me too much crap." As for leaving you in the dust, that's something that requires showing rather than telling to get the proper effect.


That's okay. i let crotch rockets leave me in the dust all the time. i'm not out there for the speed. i'm out there to enjoy myself, have fun and look kewl. *gigglins* Okay, as cool as one can be wearing long pants on a hot day in Texas. It was HOT out thar today. Oh, but i prefer the highway to the back roads. That way i can go faster and it's cooler than the slower speeds on the back roads and the constant stopping on the back roads because of stop signs and traffic lights.

His ~angel~