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Ys [userpic]

One other thing.

The polarization in this country at this time scares and saddens me.

If you're not with us, you're against us.

Everything is either far right or far left. There is no room for a moderate viewpoint.

There is no room for me.

Given the extremes right now, that's a little scary. I worry that "there is no room for me" is not far from becoming literal.

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And what's wrong with the far left? :)

I'll get to that. *grin*

The short answer is that by and large, the far left wants to take things away from me that I value, just as the far right does. They're just (mostly) different things.

I suppose I should possibly point out that what an American would consider "extreme left", a European or Australasian would consider "moderate-to-liberal". Socialised healthcare, for example.

Of course, I'm extreme-left even by my own country's standards. :)

I know I'm unusual for my country, but I do actually have some perception of the rest of the world other than purely from an American perspective. *grin*

I consider socialized healthcare to be moderately leftist. (Full socialized healthcare is farther left than I want to be, personally -- but I would support socialized healthcare for children, for example.)

My main problem is that polarized political climates equal dangerous change in either direction. Americas reached the point where any change seems to have all the subtlety of cutting a ham with a sledgehammer.

Why do you believe that there is no room for you just because people won't shift the entire paradigm of marriage to accomodate your wishes?

Marriage is just one issue. That's not the reason I am concerned.

Actually, there's plenty of room for moderates. It's just that in comparison to Bushco, everyone looks like they're ultraliberal.

I agree that the demonization is way, way out of hand. I feel marginalized and enraged, and I find myself approving of disgraceful ad-hominem attacks.

I am very grateful for Jon Stewart, who is a shining example of courtesy to opponents. (Among other things, he consistently slaps down guests who refer to Bush as stupid.)

Hon, living in fear of the right is when you have swastika flags being waved in your NEIGHBORHOOD.

Or is that left? I'm not sure. Still scary.