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Ys [userpic]
Random TMI

I'm not wearing any panties.

Current Mood: pleasedglad I'm not in Orange County

I almost never wear panties.

"almost" == goddamned stupid female plumbing.

Um, any special reason?

Hehe, I'm guessing the reason is "because I can"

Prove it! ;)

Seconded!!! LOL

Unfortunately, I'm at work at the moment, so I have no effective way to prove it. Even if I did have a webcam at work, I doubt my coworkers would be okay with me using it to show those sorts of things.

Just wait, I'm going to post some nonworksafe stuff on or very near Thursday.

Well, neither am I.

You wild and crazy person, you! *giggle*

I'm biding my time for the day that I can say that.


What's wrong with Orange County??

One of the justifications given in court in the big rape trial going on there (I linked to it last week) is that the girl wasn't wearing any panties.

Just don't drink beer in the car, ya hear?


Geez, I need to read the local newpaper more often

Slut! ;)


Er ,,,

... well, oddly enough, I am.

(Never get dressed in the dark, that's my motto from here out.)


I do not Ever wear panties! Go you!

Oh yeah? I'm technically not...

...course, i've got icky mens underwear on. :( yuckers.

Anyways, go you! ^__^

It's few and far inbetween i ever wear panties. Why put something on i feel like i want to pull outta my crack the rest of the day?

His ~angel~


Enjoying? :P

Whaddya know, me either!