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Ys [userpic]

This is all ladytabitha's fault.

However, the collar looks quite nice with the sort of funky outfit I had on today.

Current Mood: amusedamused

Oooh, nice! I, uh, actually have a picture of myself in a collar but I'm not brave enough to post pictures of myself anywhere. Self-loathing and all. :)

You look really good.


Master may get me one like that too... he got me this one so I'd have something to wear every day to remind me that he owns me, that wouldn't be obvious to the mundanes.

It's not easy to tell without examining it that you need an Allen wrench to get it off me. *laugh*

I want one like that at some point here.

But I must admit I like the sheer unsubtlety of this one.

How very yummy!! It looks wonderful on you! *grin*



I have a fuzzy pink collar with a kitty-cat charm on it, but I can't find anything it'll match.

I'm a freak.

How very very wacky--I swear I've got one damn near identical! I hardly ever wear it these days, it was mostly a con thing. Mostly I wore it for the soothing jingling sound it made. Does yours do that?

Yes, and I really like the jingle.

I love that vest! And you're right - the collar goes very well with it.

(p.s. you have the cutest smile :>)

It occurs to me that in all the time I've known you, this is the first picture I've actually seen of you.

Heh. I've posted other pictures of me in my journal, at least! *grin*

You can go look here if you want to see me as a fairy with a big-ass sword, for example.

Been going through some of your memories since we added each other, and came across this...

Eee, neat. I don't have any pictures of me collared because I'm far too shy (there aren't many pictures of me at all out there), but ... I know what you mean about completely unsubtle.

Mine is, after all, two pounds of solid steel. And (after fifteen minutes or so) it's actually rather nice, warm, and comfortable...

(now I just wish I had someone to wear it for. angst sigh sadness, &c. ;) )