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Ys [userpic]

For those of you who write a lot...

Do you ever have times where the characters are beating on the inside of your head, demanding that you sit down and write their stories, but you just can't make yourself sit down and start writing?

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

Yes. It's usually called schizophrenia. :)

Thanks. That's so reassuring. *grin*

I have one going right now, actually. Though I suppose technically, it's almost more of a scene than a character. Either way, though, it's been demanding that I write it for years and years, but the main challenge is, it's really for a visual medium, i.e. a movie, and it would be somewhat an ambitious project to realize it...but I'm going to go for it, starting tonight, when my finals are done.

So, short answer, yes.

A friend of mine who does some degree of writing complains about her "muses" constantly. They are apparently very demanding. I don't know if she's had that particular experience, though.

Yes, OW STOP THAT that happens to me OUCH GODDAMMIT CUT IT OUT all the time.

Oh, hell yeah. Which is way I spend so much times on MUCKs acting out my characters. :D

Constantly. :) But don't feel too wrong about it... That's what was happening to Joss Whedon a couple of years before he even started on the idea of "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer"

Yep. At some point in my wanderings, I came across a bit of advice from Steven Brust. (I am pretty sure it was him, anyway...) He said that letting things rattle around in his head for too long is the kiss of death. While it rattles around being thought about, he gets bored with it and eventually moves on to newer, fresher ideas. It's important to get things down on paper (or into the word processor) quickly enough that you don't tire of them, as that makes writing even more like drudgery than it frequently is.

Yes, which is actually why I don't produce a lot -- I procrastinate in the writing and tend never to finish the story.