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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

So, I had a dream last night about scouseboy, of all folks.

It involved a hysterically funny incident wherein an old, no-longer working brit bike shorted out and caught on fire, and then its radio (yes, it had a radio, don't ask me) played merry music while the bike burned to a crisp.

And I observed to scouseboy that only he could actually describe the incident and capture the humor inherent. (Thus the reason my re-relating it is so, shall we say, not funny.)

There was more, including a very odd roommate and some tea.

My brain is a very odd place.

Current Mood: confusedconfused

Hehe, I feel special.

On an unrelated topic...

Did you and/or Amy get an email from me recently... say in the last two or three days?

Re: On an unrelated topic...

I didn't, and Amy didn't mention it...

Though I haven't been through my spam folders in a while. It's possible it got classified as spam.

Re: On an unrelated topic...

It went something like this:


I just made this connection and thought it might be useful/interesting to Amy, and so she doesn't think I'm a freak whothehellareyou, I'm copying Deb.

I've got a friend that sells artwork at various shows and festivals up and down the east coast. She's doing quite well at it, and she's very honest and open about her ideas/work/business at al. I thought it might be a good match to give you her information in case you have any desire to branch out or have someone else who has been doing the fair to fair thing for a long time to help you out.

Anyway, Mary's a part of my chosen family, and she and her wife Brooke are very cool people. They run Tuatha Gallery (web site coming soon). You can get more information and other fun conversation at tuathagallery@hotmail.com (mostly because I haven't taught her how to pop email yet from the account she has w/www.tuathagallery.com).

Ok, I'm done.

See you in LJ

-'Nea, Lauren, geekkitty, marah and all the other personalities in here.