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Ys [userpic]

Today, haikujaguar did her One-Card Draw thing again. I was so impressed with the last one that I asked for one again this morning, and I told her what I was thinking this time. (And am equally pleased with the results this time.) I understand she was quite swamped today.

I asked her:
The last few days have been pretty stressful, and it feels like maybe we've made it over the hump, last night. Lots to do, yet, but it felt like a breakthrough of sorts. *crossfingers*

What do your cards think?

Her response:
My card for you is a caution that things could still fall apart, ysabel; I have drawn the Murderer, the killer of life and potential.

This doesn't mean that your breakthrough wasn't a breakthrough. What it means is that the danger still lurks and you mustn't let down your guard.

The opposite of the Murderer is the Mother, the nurturer and creator of life. Mothers aren't all soft sweet arms and gentleness... they're also fierce on behalf of their children. Be on guard against the destroyer of life, and do it by being the Mother, the guardian of new life. This breakthrough is -new- and it's vulnerable. Guard it and love it and grow it!

In other news, we bought a cargo trailer today, for doing art shows. Should make things a lot easier. Yay!

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