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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

Weird mood today.

Lonely. Sad. For no real reason, just feeling that way. I was exhausted last night, but couldn't sleep anyway, so I was up until oneish, and I didn't sleep well even when I did pass out.

Cleaned the kitchen this morning and made blueberry waffles.

Fixed the toilet in the hall bathroom, which had been leaking.

Didn't work on the shed, didn't work on the motorcycle.

Not the most auspicious day. Ah, well.

Current Mood: indescribableindescribable

Thunderstorms kept me from falling to sleep last night. i finally drifted off about 4am to have the cat insist on waking me at about 7am. Thank goodness for a nap this afternoon.

*perks* motorcycle?!?! Whatcha gotta do to it?

His ~angel~

I had a lot of miles on bikes, but I hadn't had one since I sold mine before I moved to California (didn't want to deal with moving it). A little while back, my little brother moved to Chicago and didn't want to take his, so he gave it to me. It's an '82 Yamaha Seca 750.

It needed a wide variety of work. I dug through the local salvage yard and found the original headlight box and hardware and replaced the broken fairing with stock parts, and I've got the forks off at the moment so that I can replace the seals in them. The oil filter bolt was completely rounded off and ended up needing my cut-off tool and my air hammer to get off (I bought a new one). I've got rebuild kits for all four carbs and it's going to need new tires.

At this rate, I'll have it up and running just in time for me to be actually allowed to buy a new bike. Mmmmm 2004 Yamaha R1 (probably). *grin* Though once that happens I do want to use it to teach Joel how to ride, since it's not shiny-new-don't-ever-drop-it.

We have one of those shiny-new-don't-ever-drop-it kind. Today i finally hit 1000 miles on it so i scheduled it for it's first tune up. It goes in Monday. Like a good Mommy i'll sit there reading a book and waiting rather than leaving and doing something else.

Seems i'm getting a lot more miles on it than Master. Yet He's already talking about getting another one so we can ride together. Right now us riding together means my riding bitch seat. He wants us to be able to take off, ride and park our own bikes. But i'm happy with the one we have and He wants a bigger one. Guess we'll see.

Ride safe!

His ~angel~

but but but --- You made blueberry waffles!!!!

Gunbound makes everything better!