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Ys [userpic]

So, that story I mentioned?

After looking at it a bit, I think there's two novels worth in it. I'm just buh at the potential depth here. Though readers will hate me if I split it into two at the natural break point.

I have 4k words worth of usable stuff already, I think, or mostly usable anyway. I've got a pretty good overall idea of the overall plot, several good specifics, I know when the story stops being quite so black-and-white and starts to get messy. And I know how to make the ending a win for the protagonists while not letting them get off scot free.


Of course, for two books I need to turn that 4k words into about 150k, probably, and then trim a little from there.

Heh. Yeah, that'll happen.

Current Mood: pensivepensive

Hey - readers may be mildly annoyed, but then your Official Author Site and your publisher will be bombarded with "WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK?" pings...

Just make sure to release the second book within a year of the first, and don't split it into more than 2 books. THAT's what's really annoying! :)