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Ys [userpic]

I have a lot of friends who are writers or prospective writers. So I end up reading a lot of stuff about writing.

I realized the other day while reading some stuff about writing that I'm technically a published author -- I am a co-author on an O'Reilly book, so a significant amount of words that I wrote have been published.

I also realized that a little snippet of erotica that I've been toying with for about a year now has room to be a novel if I tone down the sex just the tiniest bit (it was all about the power anyway) -- it'll appeal to the same folks who like Jack Chalker or Sharon Green or, gods help me, the Gor books. I should put together an outline and see what it looks like.

I'd like to write some fiction and I'd like to write more nonfiction. Who knows whether I actually will or not.

Apropos of nothing in particular. Just sayin'.

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Yay - we NEED more stuff that appeals to Sharon Green readers...

you read the Gor books? o.O;

Hell, hon, I own most of them.

They're horrifically bad writing.

But there are scenes in 'em that still make me all hot 'n' bothered.

I only own a few, but I also loved them when I was younger.

For the...uh...sword fights. yeah, the sword fights. And those ridculous bird races. thats the ticket.


kajira. ^___^;

Actually, fantasy with sexual overtones is very big now... people are racing to find books like the Kushiel trilogy. You probably don't have to tone the sex down much and people will snap it up. :)

You can do it... and it would sell. :)

Why tone down the sex? Write what you'd like to read, not what you/the publisher thinks will be popular.