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May 2011
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Ys [userpic]

Finishing up taxes. (With much help from Amy sorting and totalling receipts and the like.)

Amy and Joel have over $16k of medical deductions for last year.

I have around $12k.


Current Mood: impressedimpressed

Wow, nice deduction. I take it you're in for a rather huge refund this year? :-)

I've had bigger. (About $12k, once.)

I think we'll get back several grand each, though.

Count yourself lucky. I just finished mine. While I had small refunds (about $400 federal and $250 state), they were both less than the 1Q04 estimated payments. So I had to send small payments to both the feds and the State of Illinois.

At least those payments were less than the estimated ones I sent for 4Q03 back in January.

My ex didn't send me the dependency assignment again this year. That's like $800 or so in my tax bracket. Bitch. I'm contemplating suing her.

Well, yes and no. I've certainly owed several thousand as well before; ideal is to owe a small amount. Getting a big refund means that's money you didn't get to earn interest on during the year.

But I'll take a big refund over owing a huge chunk anyday, yeah. *grin*