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Ys [userpic]

Pictures! These're quick shots with minimal styling; my new style is one of those that looks pretty nice with no real effort and looks really nice with some fiddling. This is the no-real-effort look, or one of them, anyway.



Current Mood: pleasedpleased

So. Cute.

VERY cute! I like how the cut layers around your shoulders :>

I really like it!

Awesome. I <3 it!

i love it and no doubt it will be lots easier to tend to, deal with, and take care of. Yet still looks long enough to throw up in a pony tail when you really don't have the time or want to do anything.

His ~angel~

Yup. There's enough for a ponytail, and pulling it all back also really emphasizes the whole red-underneath thing. It's very cool.

You look adorable!! It's great:)

My hair is cut like that except mine is brown ;)

Those colours are SOOO pretty. I wish I could pull that off, but I'm so dark I'd be stripping the colour for a week.

well, the cut looks nice and your smile is wonderful! :)

...but you don't like the color, even though it's subtle? :)