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Ys [userpic]

Ug. Yeast infection again. Time for the acidophilus.


No, Gir, that's bad.


Current Mood: distressedyuck

Whats acidophilus? o.o;

Bacteria that eats yeast. Good stuff. The same stuff that's in yogurt, actually.

Ahhhh. Why don't you try the age old tried and trusted method of fire? ^____^



Thank you, no.

they always irk me but with the new Monistat 1 day, they're more an irritation than an issue (fewer bladder infections is a good thing)

That's assuming you can afford the treatments.

yes, I'm lucky. we have a medical set aside program at work, free tax. It covers all of my medical expenses and barely affects my take home pay.

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Re: Yeastie Beasties

Have I told you lately that I love you? *grin*

Re: Yeastie Beasties

*dies laughing*

Oh and for all you gals who can't or don't want to use Monistat, my herbal lore is:

Take a clove of garlic, make a little tampon thingie with some cheesecloth, stick it in there over night (garlic is a POWERFUL natural antibacterial/antibiotic),
Douche with a weak vinegar and water solution the next morning. Repeat for three days. Then you can actually stick the yoghurt pills IN there for a day or so after that to rebalance your flora :-)

i haven't had a yeast infection *knock on wood* since i quit wearing underwear. Thank goodness!!

His ~angel~