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Ys [userpic]

So, my cat decided to wake me up this morning by telling me they were out of food.

He chose to do this by batting at my face, claws out.

He managed to get my eyelid.


I didn't feed them.

I left a note for Amy saying I was unwilling to reward the behaviour, but she should feed them if she gets a chance. (They'll annoy her into it, I'm sure.)


Current Mood: crankycranky

My wife and I had a cat that would attack our faces in our sleep.

We no longer have a cat...

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Unfortunately, I was asleep when it started.

Then I was crying, with very little transition time.

Even if I'd had such an implement in reach, I don't think I'd have had the presence of mind to use it.

Ouch.. sounds painful.

My family had two cats when i was growing up (still have them now). One of them absolutely loved to sleep up near the head of the bed. Unfortunately, he'd usually decide at some point that my head was a scratching post. Not particularly pleasant. Just had to make sure to sleep with the door shut.

Moo does that sometimes (although he often goes for the nose), especially if we're sleeping later than usual or their dry-food dispenser is empty. After we started trimming their nails (which takes saintly patience with 7 cats) it's gone from somewhat dangerous and painful to an inconvenient quirk. Also helps save the furniture and keeps them from hurting one another if they end up in a tussle, which they do from time to time.

oh sweetie!

I'm so sorry.

Bad kitty.


Bad kitty, indeed.

I'm lucky enough that when Stormy's hungry, she sits by my head and cries at me, hoping I'll get up... and if I don't, she curls around my head to wait.

very strangly, i've heard many stories lately about cats claws entering eyes, eyelids, or tearducts...maybe a strange consperiacy